«… is targeted collaborative processes between patient, relatives and caretakers, which are characterized by coordinated, coherent and knowledge-based measures, with the aim to give patients, who are in danger of having reduced physical, mental, cognitive or social functional abilitiy, the opportunity to achieve the best possible functional ability and self-management, independence and participation in education and working life, socially and in society.»

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The Centre of Opportunities…


    • with passion and a beating heart for rehabilitation
    • who sees the qualities and resources within each individual user, and not their short-comings
    • who treats each user and their next of kin with respect, compassion and professionalism
    • who acknowledge your goals and what is important to you, and where you are the driver in your rehabilitation process
    • with rehabilitation services that inspires and motivates you to make the extra effort
    • with forward-thinking, knowledge-based services with measurable results